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Pure Grown Diamonds has successfully employed strategic sales partnerships throughout its history. We are happy to offer parallel sales through select retailers, both independent and chain, who subscribe to the company approach, education and pricing philosophy. Pure Grown Diamonds offers complimentary sales and training materials to ensure retailers are well equipped to accurately share the benefits of this exciting new product with their customers. We believe Pure Grown Diamonds would make a successful and profitable addition to your current inventory for the following reasons:


A Pure Grown Diamond has the same physical, chemical and optical properties as a mined diamond.
Environmentally Friendly
Grown in a controlled environment, a Pure Grown Diamond results in a smaller carbon footprint and very little overall environmental impact.
Guaranteed Conflict-Free
Because a Pure Grown Diamond is grown in our production facility, its origin is always 100% guaranteed and fully disclosed as lab-created.
Rare & Pure
Every colorless Pure Grown Diamond is certified as Type IIa, the purest of diamonds. Less than 2% of the world’s mined diamonds are Type IIa.
Exceptional Value
With an attractive price for a high-quality product, Pure Grown Diamonds offer exceptional value to to your customers.
Dependable Supply
Pure Grown Diamonds is the world's principal distributor of grown diamonds, which means a steady supply of colorless and fancy colored diamonds are guaranteed.
A New Choice
For some, a mined diamond will always be the preferred choice. But for a growing number of socially conscious consumers, a grown diamond offers a very desirable option.
Marketing Collateral & Training
Pure Grown Diamonds provides sales training as well as printed and digital collateral to aid you in introducing this exciting product to your customers.

Delighted Customers

I received a Pure Grown Diamonds Solstice Pendant as part of the "The Ellen Show's" 12 Days of Giveaways this past December and I wanted to share that I get SO MANY amazing compliments when I wear the necklace - even from strangers! It is a beautiful piece - I LOVE IT! - Karen C.

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Since launching our Facebook page in the spring of 2012, we have acquired more than 170,000 fans and followers. In addition, high-profile consumer media has also taken note of Pure Grown Diamonds, including:

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