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Not all diamonds are the same and picking the perfect diamond isn’t as easy as you may think. And since an engagement ring lab-created or mined – is a big investment, you’ll want to understand diamond jargon before you go out hunting for a ring. Here, we’ll teach you all about the famous “4 Cs” and why they matter. Sure, this may sound a bit like school, but before you go and skip it, we should emphasize that there are two very important reasons why you should read on:

  1. It’s absolutely essential that you absorb as much of this info as you can prior to venturing out on a ring-hunting trip.
  2. We’re gonna spice this up a bit: Every time you read the word “diamond” in this post, you have to take a sip of beer. Learning isn’t so bad after all, huh? Diamond. Diamond. Diamond.

For starters, let’s explore the infamous “4 Cs” – the standardized grading system used to objectively compare and evaluate diamonds. Since Pure Grown Diamonds are chemically identical to mined diamonds, the 4 Cs are the same:

  • Carat: The overall weight of a diamond and one of the main factors in determining an engagement ring’s cost. This one’s pretty easy to gauge: the higher the carat, the bigger the diamond.
  • Clarity: The degree to which a diamond lacks flaws, inclusions, or other imperfections. For this classification, the highest quality diamond to the lowest is represented as: FL > IF > VVS1 > VVS2 > VS1 > VS2 > SI1 > SI2 > I1 > I2 > I3.
  • Color: The hue of a diamond. Color is graded with the alphabet on a scale that begins with D (colorless) and goes all the way down to Z (yellow). If the color is more intense than “Z,” it is considered to be a “fancy diamond.” A fancy yellow diamond will sell for a far higher price than a light yellow diamond. Diamonds also come in other hues such as blue and pink, among others.
  • Cut: The cut or proportion of a diamond is based on how different planes interconnect and is the only property of a diamond that is totally dependent on human intervention. Cut is important to consider when choosing a diamond as it alone affects the “sparkle.”

You can also find more detailed info and diagrams concerning the 4 Cs on our website.

Ok, that was a fair amount of diamond education if this world is new to you, so that should suffice for now. More about diamonds to come. Stay tuned. Diamond. Diamond. Diamond.

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