Lab-Created Diamonds

Difference Between Lab-Created Diamonds & Simulants

We get a lot of questions about the difference between lab-created diamonds and diamond simulants like CZ. Well today, school is IN. First up – a quick pop quiz…

Q: Lab-created diamonds are simulants. True or False?
A: False

Lab-created diamonds are unique in that they are actually pure carbon diamonds, with the identical physical, chemical and optical characteristics as mined diamonds. Simulants – cubic zirconia, moissanite and the like – are not pure carbon diamonds, nor are they anything like diamonds. These imitators are completely unrelated to diamonds, but are designed to look like them.

Diamonds are either mined or grown in a laboratory. Lab-created diamonds – made by a crystal growth process, atom by atom, the same as in nature – possess the same exceptional cut, color and clarity as high-quality mined diamonds. Simulants are made from a variety of chemicals and elements – through one or more processes – and are not real diamonds.

By recreating the natural process, Pure Grown Diamonds is able to offer individually created diamonds of top quality and value. our diamonds are grown in a safe, controlled environment using only modest amounts of energy. All diamonds are fully disclosed as lab-created, so any concerns related to “blood diamonds” are also alleviated. Origin guaranteed diamonds = conflict free diamonds.

Final exam.

Q: What do you get when you combine style, quality, value, with social and environmental responsibility?
A: The perfect engagement ring!

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